Mentelin Bibel 1460

Die zweite gedruckte Bibel und das erste in Straßburg gedruckte Buch

Exemplar der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek Wien


GW 04203 Biblia. [Strassburg: Johann Mentelin, nicht nach 1460/61]. 2°


31 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen


Ein Traumexemplar  (das einzige in privater Hand) wurde 2017 für über 1 Million Euro in Frankreich versteigert - nur Band 1.

weitere Infos zu der 2. gedruckten Bibel -> HIER


Auszug aus der Webseite:

"Gutenberg seems to have given little thought to his choice of a copy text; he used one of many manuscripts of the Latin Vulgate (the fifth-century translation attributed to Jerome). Yet this unconsidered aspect of the printed book proved extremely influential. Virtually all of the Latin Bibles subsequently published in the fifteenth century (a total of some 94 editions, 81 in plain text and 13 with an accompanying commentary) took a bible as their model. The earliest editions used a copy of Gutenberg's Bible as their copy text; later fifteenth-century editions used either Gutenberg or one of thes earlier imitators. Unwittingly, therefore, Gutenberg played a major role in fixing the text of the Vulgate as the standard authorised text of Scripture. This would cast a long shadow over sixteenth-century efforts at revision" (Pettegree, The Book in the Renaissance [2010] 30).